ABOUT  a e r o s u n 

We are a Venture business that will identify and secure start-up enterprises with the expectation and plan that a financial gain will result. Our focus is Africa. In general, all our intended projects are born out of a need for something lacking in the current market. This need can be a service or product that consumers / governments are asking for.

a e r o s  u n ’s unique financing strategy, which takes into consideration: 1) the difficulty of accessing traditional capital markets for sub-Saharan African Countries, 2) the financial condition of countries in Africa, and 3) the capital requirements for a project. Aerosun, with the assistance of their strategic partners in the USA would make use of Private Equity Funding to overcome above difficulties.

Private Equity Funding provides access to the needed capital quickly, and with less formal documentation than traditional sources. Solid assets may be utilised in lieu of money. This is a unique and innovative, yet conservative strategy to fund any worthy project by a specialty Asset Manager to implement an Asset Management Program that results in a high yield earnings performance while operating in a low-to-no risk environment.

Once the need is identified and project is secured, we would then approach investors and seek large company participation. In order to achieve positive results we are assisted by various top specialists and experts to provide a comprehensive one-stop and full-cycle consultative and project management service in the property and related business industries.

Various companies would assist in the identification, conceptualization, facilitation and implementation of sensitive and challenging development projects in the public and private domain.

a e r o s u n was founded by Arno Hood a graduate from the University of Pretoria where he studied Psychology and Applied Anthropology. It is the development studies which addresses issues of concern to developing countries that motivated Arno to become involved in what was seen as a mere academic procedure to the real business development in Africa.

a e r o s u n   Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are formed with various companies and specialists as a strategic alliance to share markets, intellectual property, assets and knowledge.

Signing a Loan Option Agreement

Prof signing a Loan Oprion Agreement