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Arno Hood and Willie Burger travelled to Cotonou, Benin. This visit coincided with the visit of President Zuma to Benin.  a e r o s u n  signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the blessing of both President Zuma and President Yayi (Benin).  This MoU outlined the construction of a New International Airport better described by Arno Hood as the Benin Gateway!

 The ‘First Stone’ was laid and Arno Hood thanked their Beninese partner, Vincent Dogue, for his part in making a e r o s u n  believe in Benin as a future ‘hub’ in Africa!   

 A relaxing moment, Willie and Vincent enjoying cool coconut milk in the heat of Africa…




After a very successful meeting with the President of Benin, a e r o s u n  was honoured by a visit from the most Senior Minister from Benin sent by President Yayi.

This was a follow-up meeting that took place on 5 December in Pretoria. Arno Hood invited the dti to be present at this very successful meeting, once again!

Willie Burger has now left for Benin where he will gather all the technical detail for the project . We anticipate the official announcement about the Benin Gateway & International Airport in the next week or so!

a e r o s u n  meets the President of Benin while on an official visit to South Africa!

On 25 November Arno Hood and Willie Burger met with President Thomas Boni Yayi. This meeting lasted for an hour in the presence of various Cabinet Ministers from Benin and  the dti.

The Benin Gateway & Business City was discussed and a possible timeframe to implement such. Funding for the project is in place subject to the completion of the feasibility!