Aerosun Aviation CC

Registration: 2007/130291/23

Willie Burger established his own ground handling company PSS (Passenger Support Services) at Johannesburg International Airport and eventually also at Cape Town and Durban Airports. PSS held an FBO (Fix Base Operation) license providing an extensive service to private owned and AD-HOC operators. The size of aircrafts serviced ranged from the very small 4 seater up to and including Boeing 747.

PSS held an FBO (Fix Base Operation) license providing extensive services to all categories of airlines and airports operators, both privately owned and AD-HOC class, throughout Africa. The size of aircraft serviced ranged from the small 4-seat model up to and including B747s. PSS provided services to a number of clients, including the following operators.

  • ETHIOPIAN Airlines – B757 and B767, full service ground operations;
  • TAAG aka Angola Airlines – B747,B737,B727, full service ground operations.
  • ATLANTIC AIR, (Pty), Ltd – B727, a domestic operator between Johannesburg and Cape Town; ground operations, including passenger and ramp handling.
  • INTENSIVE AIR, (Pty) Ltd – F28, ground operations, including passenger, ramp, lost and found and ticketing.
  • Services to a number of freight handlers in the form of ramp handling and warehousing to aircraft ranging from B737, B727, B707, DC8, IL76.
  • Fuelling and a full range of services to the charter, private owned and ad-hoc operators.
  • Due diligence in Sierra Leone for the take over of the National Carrier ( SNA) and the restructuring of its ground handling activities.

At the time PSS was sold, it had a 66% market share and a total of 85 clients, both Domestic and International.