John W. Demps, Sr.  He is responsible for financial and credit analysis, structuring, advice and business development.  He has extensive experience in business, financial services and community economic development activity. He is a former Vice President and the State Director of Community Development Lending – Florida, for First Union National Bank of Florida (later Wachovia Bank, N.A. and now Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.), with the responsibility of managing the bank’s community development programs, including economic development and affordable housing activity in urban communities.

John is the founder and shareholder of Merchants Bankcard Systems of Florida, Inc.; and the founder and shareholder of a licensed mortgage brokerage firm.  He founded and operated a substantial non-profit community economic development organization, which specialized in financing/funding small and medium-size businesses using public/private capital programs and strategies.

During his career, as a Chamber of Commerce Executive, he was instrumental in the formation and capitalization of a Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company (MESBIC, now known as SBIC), a public/private program administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, which purpose was to invest in and/or lend to qualified businesses in the local market area.

He also successfully formed and capitalized a small business manufacturing up-start, which heavily involved his strategic business planning and management capabilities. John holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Education from Florida A & M University, Tallahassee Florida, USA.



Underwriting activity is the “process” by which capital sources typically apply in order to evaluate and decide upon funding a project’s financing request. In connection with underwriting, we will provide total corporate/project finance underwriting assistance and support, including document review and preparation assistance, advice, structure, modeling and capital raise-up for Project Sponsors.

Underwriting activity consists of the following.

Market/Feasibility Study/Analysis:  The Project must conduct and present a market/feasibility study/analysis that is prepared by experienced in-house personnel or an industry consultant as appropriate.  The study should disclose key information/characteristics relative to local market conditions and support the company’s revenue model/forecast.

Property, Plant, Equipment Construction Cost Estimates:  For Project’s with new construction or the improvement of existing facilities, cost estimates must be provided by an experienced architecture, engineering and contracting team as appropriate.  Purchases of land, machinery and equipment must be supported by purchase agreement(s), environmental study, vendor quotes, etc. as applicable.

Management:  Note – The Management Team is an extremely important factor in the overall operations of a company and ultimately, the financing decision. 

 The management team must demonstrate that it has the capacity (knowledge and experience) in the areas of production/operations, sales and marketing, finance and administration to manage the company’s day-to-day activities and execute its business plan.  The project company’s officers and directors are primarily responsible for all necessary information, including but not limited to business strategy and financial model, as required by our capital sources for underwriting purposes.  We will review and advise the company concerning its overall management suitability/capacity, organizational structure(s) as necessary.

Business Strategy:  The company’s management team will be responsible for the development and preparation of business operating plan, including its products/services, marketing, manufacturing and operational functions.  The company will be required to complete the firm’s standard Business Questionnaire (BQ) in order to effectively and efficiently describe its business strategy.  We will review the company’s BQ and assist it in the development and preparation of effective business strategy relative to its nature of business as necessary.

Historic and Forecast Financial Information:  The Project Company will be required to develop, prepare and submit a financial model reflecting its expected results of operation, financial position and cash flows.  The model includes conventional financial statements, supplementary schedules as applicable, notes and assumptions to the financial statements for a period that covers the terms of funding.   We will review and assist management in the development and preparation of its forecast financial information (the financial model) in relationship to the business’ historic financial statements and the market study/analysis.

Financing Plan:  We will review the company’s financial plan based upon its forecast financial information and assist in the development and preparation of an effective corporate financing plan as necessary.  The financial plan will cover capital requirement, source and use of proceeds and capital structure.

Financing Application:  We will provide assistance in the preparation of the “loan/credit” application and other related documents involved in underwriting activity that are used by OPIC and other capital sources.     

Underwriting Costs:  Project Sponsor(s) must be able to fund project underwriting costs in advance of originated funds.  Underwriting costs are paid to professional services providers as the project underwriting activity will require/dictate.   Professional services providers include Independents, Industry, Marketing, Management and Financial Consultant(s), Architecture and Engineering Services.  Note: typical project underwriting costs that are provided by professional service providers may not be applicable in all cases as a result of the project’s in-house capabilities and resources.