We have invested considerable time and resources in securing the necessary finance and funding possibilities for large Economic Development Plans (EDP) in Africa. Our preferred financiers/funders work as follows:



This group from Luxemburg is a private Investment Banking Company in form of a Holding that directs medium to long term Investments or loans to public and private enterprises, especially in developing countries.

They have direct access to large funds and can therefore grant hard currency loans and are only interested in loan volumes starting from USD$ 100 Million, with rare exceptions under certain conditions.

Over the last years they have more and more changed their Investment policy from government financing (funds against government guarantees) to the financing of government related and government unrelated private projects, whereby the necessary guarantees may be in the project itself in connection with Investment financing co-mingled with Loan financing. An entire new form of socio-economic and financial cooperation between industrialized nations and less developed countries, by financing joint industrial and commercial ventures.

Additional information and the strictly confidential brochure about our financier is supplied to clients once a relationship has been established and a personal meeting was held.

Humanitarian/Economic Development Plan (EDP) Funding

This funding approach to Government Humanitarian and Economic Development Plans projects requires a Sovereign Guarantee or at least some form of Government Guarantee.

In order to commence with the funding processes we will require a Letter of Application for financial assistance from the Government where the EDP is proposed. The funding entity requires a list of priority projects to be addressed with the application.

The funding entity will invite the applicant for a meeting in Europe once the Letter of Application was accepted by the funding entity.

A Sovereign Guarantee is normally backed by natural resources, reserves blocked for the lifespan of the Guarantee. The funding entity will do their due diligence checks between banks to verify and authenticate the validity of the Sovereign Guarantee and the Central Bank of the Government will be required to confirm the Guarantee if and when asked to do so as part of the process.